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Hi, my name is Tatjana Maul and I’d like to welcome you to The Happiness Girl! You might be wondering who is Tatjana Maul? Well.. let me tell you a little bit more about myself and why The Happiness Girl is your place of Happiness!

The Happiness Girl is a platform filled with everything you need to help you become healthier and to live a more mindful life in order to find your own perfect place of Happiness. During my many travels and my work as a TV host, model, former Miss Netherlands & my current Naturopathy studies I’ve learned that in order to find pure Happiness we need to nourish our mind, body and soul. 

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Why I started The Happiness Girl

I’ve started The Happiness Girl in 2013 under the name Dancyfood to share all that I’ve learned with you. Back then there weren’t that many online places for women to learn about a healthy lifestyle, so I decided to create such a place myself!  Also, a lot of young girls send me messages with their unhealthy diets in order to lose weight and asked me for even more unhealthy tips. I’ve never supported an unhealthy diet nor do I wish to be an example of such diets. I believe everyone should be able to get the most out of themselves and be as happy in life as possible. No matter where you come from or who you are, there are always options (big or small) to improve your life for the better.

Now, I’m not saying that my way is law, but I’d like to share my journey and all that I learn during it with you. Obviously I am also still learning every day!

I changed the name Dancyfood in 2020 into The Happiness Girl because I feel like it fits my blog so much better. So why The Happiness Girl, you ask? Well..for a while I felt like I outgrew the brand Dancyfood. And even though the name will always be special to me, I felt like it was time for something that would fit both me and this blog better. We grow in life and I felt like my platform was due an update too.

Coming up with a new name was quite a task, because I grew very attached to Dancyfood (I’ve had it for 7 years!). So the new name had to be really special. I was playing around with my own name (Tatjana) for a bit, but it simply didn’t feel right as the name for my blog. It doesn’t immediately represent the most important message of my blog: Happiness. 

However, I suddenly remembered that I also have a Maasai name ‘Nashipai’ that was given to me by the amazingly, strong and kind Maasai women that I worked with during my philanthropy trip to Kenya. Nashipai is translated as Happiness. And there it was; the perfect name for my blog that would both represent me and the message of my blog: The Happiness Girl! I literally cannot think of a more perfect name.

Who is Tatjana Maul The Happiness girl Swirly Scents Daluna CBD Miss Netherlands nederland

Going to America

So, let me tell you a little bit more about myself.

At the moment, I live by the beach in a beautiful city called The Hague in The Netherlands. I was born here, but I was fortunate enough to have traveled a lot throughout my life so far already.

I have studied ‘European Studies’ with a major in International Business Management. During this study I have lived in San Antonio, Texas in the USA where I went to ‘The university of the Incarnate Word’. I love Texas with all her southern charms (read: especially the food) so much. When it was time for me to do my internship I wanted my intern time to be spend well with purpose and therefore I decided to do my internship at the San Antonio AIDS Foundation (SAAF), where I met the most incredible, kind-hearted people. 

At the moment I am studying Naturopathy at an accredited institute in The Netherlands. I find it super interesting to learn about traditional medicine and I hope to one day be able to help people with their health even more!

Who is Tatjana Maul The Happiness girl Swirly Scents Daluna CBD Miss Netherlands nederland

Winning a Global Modelling Contract

In 2011 I entered an international modelling competition and won! One of the prices was a huge global modelling contract with Next Model Management. An absolute dream come true. I had been modelling since I was 16, but after the competition I could do it full-time professionally. It allowed for me to travel the world to the most beautiful places, learn about other cultures and meet the most amazing people.

Because of my modelling career I also had to move to different countries such as Miami in Florida, USA. Here I lived right on South Beach! A complete different experience from Texas, but also absolutely amazing! I Loved it!

After having experienced both college and working life in the USA, I can say for sure that I love the country and its people so much! America will always be another home to me and I can’t wait to go back!

Who is Tatjana Maul The Happiness girl Swirly Scents Daluna CBD Miss Netherlands Model Next models

Becoming Miss Netherlands and participating in Miss World

In 2013 I got crowned Miss Netherlands which was also an amazing life-changing experience! My mom used to compete in beauty pageants. So ever since I was a little girl I played with her crowns and trophies. Then one day I decided to give it a try and sign myself up for the Miss Netherlands competition. I won and again this felt like an absolute dream come true!

As Miss Netherlands World I went to the Miss World 2014 Pageant. Miss World is the oldest and most well-known beauty pageant in the world with 126 countries competing for the Miss World crown. This was an incredible experience and I made friends for life! How special is that?

After the first year the Miss Netherlands organisation sat me down and asked me how I’d feel to be Miss Netherlands for another year! I loved it so much so of course I immediately said yes! This makes me the longest reigning Miss Netherlands so far. In 2015 my reign had to come to an end and I handed my crown over to the next gorgeous Miss Netherlands.Who is Tatjana Maul The Happiness girl Swirly Scents Daluna CBD Miss Netherlands nederland

Going into Politics

After my reign as Miss Netherlands I felt like doing something completely different than all that I’d done before that. So… I went into politics! I grew up in the political capital of The Netherlands and always wondered what it would be like to actually work there. Also, I didn’t want my study to become a complete waste and felt like I needed more work experience in life; other than modelling. If you have never seen the Dutch parliaments building, it looks beautiful! Could’ve been straight out of a Harry Potter movie!

Anyway, I worked for the first immigrant party of Europe. It was still a newly formed party when I started working there. I have learned so much during my political career, and I am very grateful for the opportunities that I’ve been given, but after a while I felt like I wasn’t in the right place anymore. I went into politics to make a difference for people who need it the most. However, there were many unfair things happening in politics that made my heart sad and I became very unhappy. So I decided to quit. Who knows, maybe one day I will return to politics again, but as I’m writing this I can definitely say that right now it’s not the right time for me.Who is Tatjana Maul The Happiness girl Swirly Scents Daluna CBD Miss Netherlands nederland

Working as a TV Host

After politics, I went back into the entertainment business and started working as a TV Host! I was the main TV host for two TV shows on RTL4 in The Netherlands. One of them was a travel show ‘Welkom in’ (Welcome to) where I showed the viewers the most fun things to do; where the hotspots were; and which other best places to go. The other TV show I hosted was ‘Van Passie naar Droombaan’ (From Passion to Dream job) where we followed people who worked at their dream job or we helped people find their dream job. I was the editor-in-chief for these TV shows and by doing so I have learned so much!

I’ve done that for more than two years and I am thankful for all that I have learned during these years. I gained so much experience, which has helped me grow! To create something behind the scenes and then bring it to life in front of the camera to ultimately watch it succeed in a positive way is an awesome feeling! A LOT of work, but an awesome feeling. I was great at my job! However, due to circumstances I quit this job. 

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Starting my own Candle Business: Swirly Scents

It has always been a dream of mine to one day be able to start my own business where I would create my own scented candles and wax melts. The problem with many scented candles or wax melts is that there is often very little to no scent throw. Which is why I decided to learn the whole creation process myself. From choosing which wax is best for which product to mixing fragrances, to designing the look and eventually the actual candle & wax melt pouring method. Every step of the way brought me so much joy and happiness, which is exactly what I want Swirly Scents to bring you too. Happiness.

I try to make my products as environmentally friendly as possible. The Swirly Scents wax melts are made with 100% ecological soy wax, the best quality fragrance oils, natural minerals and candle dye. This soy wax doesn’t affect the rainforest and is fair trade. It is grown without herbicides and pesticides and is not genetically manipulated. It’s 100% natural, biodegradable and absolutely non-toxic.

I want my products to be a full experience for the senses that will bring you joy and happiness. Each product is individually handmade by me especially for you. I’ve put a lot of love into it and we all know “everything is better with love”.❤  

You can buy your Swirly Scents here

Swirly Scents wax melts geurkaarsen soja soy wax was


Starting my own CBD oil Business: DaLuna CBD

As mentioned before, I am studying Naturopathy. I am very interested in the healing abilities of the human body and the healing properties of plants. Nowadays, I feel like people use chemical (often addictive) meds for nearly anything. Agreed, sometimes there is no other way. However many diseases and illnesses can be cured (and most importantly AVOIDED!) with a simple diet change or natural remedy. I personally don’t like to take medicines unless it’s absolutely necessary (Think: vaccines for example) and prefer to take care of my body through eating healthy, exercise and selfcare. Whenever I do feel like my body needs extra care I first try something natural to solve it. For example by using the right herbs and plants. 

A few years ago, I got into a really bad car accident that left my spine all messed up. Very painful! My doctors told me I needed spine surgery and gave me some very addictive medicines. I wasn’t happy about this at all! I felt like I was way to young for such a dangerous surgery and that there were too many risks. Also, I really did not want to take these addictive medicines that might leave me with an addiction. I started to look for alternatives.

Long story short; I started to take CBD oil against the pain. The first time I immediately noticed the positive effects of the CBD oil. It had a pain-relieving and relaxing effect for me and I could also think clearly. During my recovery period I only used CBD oil, took A LOT of rest and “fixed” my spine with intense treatments such as; chiropractic and physiological treatments, dry needling, deep tissue massage. Slowly, but surely I fully recovered without any surgery and no addiction to any meds. 

Because of my personal, positive experience with CBD oil and the knowledge I gained during my studies, I wanted to create my own line of CBD oils.

CBD oil could help many people, provided it is well made and meets all the high standards and regulations. This is why I partnered with growth and production facilities in Zurich, Switzerland. Zurich is the heart of the European pharmaceutical manufacturing and research world with a high innovation philosophy. I have a direct link with the industry and work with a highly specialized laboratory for the production of the DaLuna CBD oil.

As a result I now have my own range of excellent CBD oils of superior quality called DaLuna CBD. You can buy them here!

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And so here we are

During the last few years, I had to neglect The Happiness Girl to focus on my other pursuits. And even though I missed it a lot, I had to stay sane and allow myself some sleep. I simply didn’t have the time for it.

However, after working very long and hard on renewing this blog; I am very proud to say that The Happiness Girl is back! I plan to use all that I have learned in the past few years for new upcoming adventures. Adventures that I will hopefully be able to share with you. And I can’t wait for all the amazing things that are coming! 

Thank you so much for reading my story. I hope you love my blog just as much as I love creating for it! 


Is there something you want to see on The Happiness Girl, say hello or inquire about partnership opportunities or collabs? Please fill out the form on my contact page and I’ll be sure to get back to you as soon as possible!

Make sure to follow me on my Instagram as well! 




(Some photo’s are by Joshua Rood)

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  • Wat leuk Tatjana dat je een blog bent begonnen! Nu heb ik nóg een website die ik dagelijks moet checken, hehe. Ik ben benieuwd naar als je blogposts!

  • Leuk! Idd nog een blog die ik elke dag moet checken ;p hihi Vind het wel grappig dat je net als Mascha bent begonnen dat je zocht naar een Nederlandse versie, niks kon vinden en toen zelf begon!

  • Wauw, wat een schitterend verhaal jouw bio. Heel inspirerend en leuk om te lezen.
    Heel veel succes met je blog!

  • Deze site komt echt als geroepen! Ik ben momenteel erg bezig met ‘clean eating’ en wat meer sporten, dus ik heb zeker wat aan je tips. Succes met alles!

  • hee tatjana!
    Echt een superleuke blog zeg! Ik ben op de beautygloss party samen met een vriendin met jou en awisa op de foto geweest! die wil ik je graag mailen maar ik kan je mailadres nergens vinden? 🙁
    Liefs Britt

  • Hoi Tatjana,

    Leuk om te lezen je blog. Ik ga binnenkort maar eens iets proberen te maken -:).
    Succes ermee!


  • Super! eindelijk een blog waar je goede tips over een gezonde levensstijl kan vinden <3

  • Echt heel leuk dat je zelf een blog hebt! Ik was best wel benieuwd hoe je nou eigenlijk model bent geworden. Je verteld wel dat je tijdens je studie wel wat modellenwerk hebt gedaan maar dat het niet heel serieus was.
    Kan je me laten weten waar je dat dan deed en hoe je bent begonnen, want ik ben zelf al een paar keer gevraagd alleen kwam het op dat moment nooit goed uit met mijn gezondheid.
    Ik zou het echt geweldig vinden als ik een reactie van je kreeg!


  • Hey Tatjana!

    Ik heb het gevoel dat ik jou al lang ken, omdat ik Mascha al jaren volg hihi.
    Echt tof dat je een blog bent begonnen, ik ben helemaal enthousiast en geinspireerd en ga je tips zeker gebruiken!

    Liefs Veerle

  • Hoi Tatjana,

    Wat een goede blog,ik ga hem zeker volgen!
    En ik hoop je nog vaak in mijn lessen te zien 🙂

    Groetjes Wanda

  • Wat een leuke intro. Je blog lijkt me zeer interessant. ik wil graag wat kilo’s kwijt en sport wel al veel. Dus misschien is clean eten voor mij ook een idee.

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  • “Dankzij onder andere mijn werk heb ik geleerd hoe je lekker eten en gezond eten op een goede manier kan combineren. Gezond eten kan erg lekker zijn. Zo at ik bijvoorbeeld eerst vaak fastfood, maar heb ik daar nu eigenlijk nooit meer trek in. Dit omdat ik weet dat er gezonde alternatieven zijn, die ook veel lekkerder zijn. Het probleem is gewoon dat als je niet weet hoe je gezonder kan leven, het ook heel moeilijk lijkt. Maar dit is het echt niet!!”

    Bedankt voor de verheldering Tatjana, ik ben het helemaal met je eens!

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