Who’s behind the happiness girl?

Unless mentioned otherwise, all and everything is written, created and owned by Tatjana Maul. If you’d like to know more about me can read the about me page.

Who is the happiness girl for?

You! You, reading this, are The Happiness Girl. If you are focussed on improving yourself then this blog is for and about you!

Why should i read the happiness girl?

The Happiness Girl is a platform filled with everything you need to help you become healthier and to live a more mindful life in order to find your own perfect place of Happiness. Everything is focussed on improving yourself with a healthier, happier and brighter future in mind.

I would like to work with the happiness girl!

If I love your brand or product we could definitely work together! I am always open to honest, fun collabs! However I won’t do a collab if I don’t stand behind your product/brand or if your brand doesn’t align with mine. Simply send me an e-mail – info@thehappinessgirl.com – with the details and who knows; we might have a fun collab on the way before you know it!

Where can i buy your products?

You can buy my homemade scented candles and wax melts at the Swirly Scents webshop. Click Here to buy now!

You can buy my CBD oil products at the DaLuna CBD webshop. Click here to buy now!

Why are there English and Dutch articles & videos?

The Happiness Girl started off as a Dutch blog & YouTube channel. However, because of my travels I noticed that a lot of my friends and other people abroad were interested in my blog as well. Since English is a more universal language than Dutch I decided to switch everything to English. That way more people can enjoy all that’s on here.

However, with COVID-19 and all the travelling coming to a stop, I decided to make The Happiness Girl a multilingual blog. Now you can switch from English to Dutch in the upper right corner of your screen (or on the top drop-down menu on your phone).

Note: older posts and videos might not translate. I’m still working on that though.

Why do I see the name dancyfood appear on some posts?

I started The Happiness Girl in 2013 under the name Dancyfood. I changed the name Dancyfood in 2020 into The Happiness Girl because I feel like it fits my blog and its content so much better. 

Who takes the pictures for the happiness girl?

I have the pleasure to work with some amazing photographers and sometimes I use stock photos. However, unless mentioned otherwise, all pictures are taken and/or owned by Tatjana Maul.

Where are you from?

I was born and raised in The Netherlands. In The Hague, a city by the beach. My mom is from Macedonia and my dad is half Polish & half Dutch.

Where do you live?

I have lived in The Netherlands for most of my life. My parents used to have a house on the island of Tenerife. So I was there a lot during my childhood. When I turned 19 I took a bold step and moved to the USA all by myself and lived there for a few years. In the USA I have lived in San Antonio, Texas and on South Beach Miami, Florida. I have traveled a lot so far, but I’m based in The Hague in The Netherlands.

What did you study?

I have my Bachelor’s degree in European Studies with a major in International Business Management. I’ve also studied The Science of Happiness at UC Berkeley. (How fitting for this blog right?!).

Currently, I am studying International Women’s Health and Human Rights at Stanford & Naturopathy (traditional medicine) at an accredited institution in The Netherlands. If you’d like to know more about any of this, you can check out my LinkedIn Page.

How long were you Miss Netherlands for?

I was crowned Miss Netherlands in December 2013 and handed over my crown to the next Miss Netherlands in september 2015. This makes me the longest reigning Miss Netherlands so far.

Did you go to miss world?

Yes! I am Miss Netherlands World 2014, so I went to Miss World in 2014. It was AMAZING!

Which tV shows did you host?

I was the TV host for two TV shows on RTL4 in The Netherlands. One of them was a travel show ‘Welkom in’ (Welcome to) where I showed the viewers the most fun things to do; where the hotspots were; and which other best places to go. I was the editor-in-chief for this TV show and by doing so I have learned how to create and put together a whole TV show.
The other TV show I hosted was ‘Van Passie naar Droombaan’ (From Passion to Dream job) where we followed people who worked at their dream job or we helped people find their dream job.


My question wasn’t here!

Did you read the FAQ above and still didn’t find an answer to your question? Please send me an email and I’ll do my best to answer you asap! I am always open to honest, fun collabs! If I love your brand or product we could definitely work together! Simply send me an e-mail – info@TheHappinessGirl.com – with the details and who knows; we might have a fun collab on the way before you know it!