Category: Christmas

Christmas Tag – 30 Questions

Merry Christmas Everyone!!! Today I will be doing the Christmas Tag where I will be answering 30 Christmas themed Questions.  

What’s in my mouth Challenge with BFF Awisa – Christmas Edition

Today I’m doing the what’s in my mouth Challenge with my BFF Awisa all Christmas themed! We laughed so much!! Make sure to watch! Also don’t forget to subscribe! Merry Christmas and Enjoy!  

Christmas Market, Events & Shopping | Vlog #89

Today I’m taking you Christmas Shopping. We go to a Christmas market, a Christmas gathering at the House of the European Parliament and a Christmas dinner at the Dutch Parliament. Also I will show you a super mini haul. Enjoy!  

Decorations Part 3 – Christmas Village

Today I’m showing you my Christmas village and other Christmas decorations. Enjoy!  

Building A Gingerbread House with Lindita!

Today I’m building a Christmassy Gingerbread House with my little cousin! Enjoy! ]

Decorating Part 2 – Reindeer Christmas Tree

Today I’m showing you how I decorated the Christmas tree in my bedroom all Reindeer themed. Enjoy!  

Decorating Part 1 – My Christmas Tree

Today I am decorating my biggest Christmas Tree! Enjoy!  

Christmas Haul 2016

It’s the Christmas season so of course I went Christmas shopping! Today I’m showing you all the things that I’ve bought. Enjoy!  

Giftsuite Xmas Edition 2016 – Goodiebag Unboxing

Today I’m sharing a goodiebag unboxing video with you. I went to the Giftsuite Xmas Edition event and got a huge goodiebag, or goodiebags actually. I was so curious to find out what they were filled with! You too? Watch my video to see all…